This episode won the 42º Vladimir Herzog Prize (2020) (the most traditional journalistic Brazilian prize on Human Rights) on Audio.

In this episode, four stories: Mercedes Baptista (1921-2014), the 1st Black ballerina to join the Municipal Theater of Rio’s Ballet, in 1948, and one of the creators of the Afro-Brazilian dance identity; Bethania Gomes, the 1st Black Brazilian ballerina to reach the highest position in a classical ballet company, the one of first ballerina; Ingrid Silva, first ballerina at the Dance Theater of Harlem, in New York; and Consuelo Rios (1923-2010), one of the greatest classical ballet teachers in Brazil and who, had it not been for racism, could have become the first black ballerina in the Municipal, in 1946. ⁣

Hosted, produced, scripted and edited by Tiago Rogero
Opening and closing original soundtrack by Victor Rodrigues Dias and Felipe Kneipp