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Listen now to Vidas Negras, an original Spotify podcast in Portuguese hosted by Tiago. The series (in narrative format) is produced by Rádio Novelo. Read about the show.

About Negra Voz (Black Voice) podcast:

The 5th episode won the 42º Vladimir Herzog Prize/2020 (the most traditional journalistic Brazilian prize on Human Rights) on Audio.

The special series about Afro-Brazilian History was launched on Sept. 4th, 2019, for O Globo newspaper. There are five episodes structured in a narrative/documentary — about our African heritage and the achievements of Black Brazilians, from the past and the present.

Available on all podcast players, and YouTube.

Ruth de Souza and Rodrigo França

Maria Firmina dos Reis and Conceição Evaristo

Benê Ricardo and Dandara Batista

Sabotage and Andrea Bak

Mercedes Baptista, Consuelo Rios, Bethania Gomes and Ingrid Silva

Article published in O Globo on Septemper 4th, 2019, when the 1st episode was lauched.

Recomended by journalist and podcaster Carola Solé, interviewed by “Días de vino y podcasts“, from El País