Tiago Rogero is a journalist.

Creator of projeto Querino (Querino project), a Brazilian journalistic project launched on August 6, 2022 as a podcast produced by Rádio Novelo (the leading producer of journalistic podcasts in Brazil) and a series of pieces in piauí Magazine (one of the country’s most respected long-form monthlies). The initiative drew inspiration from the “1619 Project,” created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and launched in August 2019 by The New York Times Magazine. Find out all the details here.

Creator and host of the podcasts ‘Vidas Negras‘ (Black Lives), a Spotify originals produced by Rádio Novelo, and ‘Negra Voz‘ (Black Voice), for the newspaper ‘O Globo’, both in narrative format.

Finalist in the Third Coast International Audio Festival‘s 2021 competition, with the 1st episode of Vidas Negras, in Best Documentary: Non-English Language. Won the 42nd Vladimir Herzog Prize (the most traditional journalistic Brazilian prize on Human Rights) on Audio, in 2020, with the 5th episode of “Negra Voz” podcast.

In June 2020, left O Globo, after 5 years as a reporter for Ancelmo Gois’s Column, to create Negra Voz Produções, an independent content production company.

Before O Globo, worked for O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper (3 years) and BandNews FM (2 years), a radio news network.

Between October and November 2019, was a fellow with the International Center For Journalists (“A Digital Path to Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Latin America”), in the U.S., focused on podcast production.

Was a member of the selection committees (for podcast grants) Camp Serrapilheira 2020: Podcasts and Tramas Democráticas, by the Goethe-Institut. Teacher of “Narrative Podcast” on a specialization course on Investigative Journalism from IDP.

Was born in Belo Horizonte/Brazil, in 1988, and, since April 2011, lives in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

Interview for “The Guardian” about Querino project, Vidas Negras and Negra Voz

Interview for “It’s All Journalism” podcast, by Michael O’Connell