Vidas Negras (Black Lives) matter. And here they are celebrated.
Vidas Negras is a Spotify original podcast (in Portuguese) produced by Radio Novelo, with a majority-Black production team. In the show (in narrative format), journalist Tiago Rogero analyzes and interweaves the trajectories and lives of Afro-Brazilian personalities past and present, such as Carolina Maria de Jesus, the writer who, since the 1960s, has been translated into 16 languages and 46 countries by portraying, in “Dumping Room,” her daily life as a garbage collector and resident of a favela in São Paulo.
Each episode has an independent theme and is about different characters.

The 1st episode was a finalist in the Third Coast International Audio Festival‘s 2021 competition, in Best Documentary: Non-English Language.

Vidas Negras is a Spotify original podcast.
The series is produced by Rádio Novelo.

Full credits:

From the show itself:
Produced and researched by Angélica Paulo
Edited by Juliana Santana, Mari Romano, Renan Sukevicius, Clara Rellstab and Débora Gonçalves
Mixed by Henrique Chiurciu
Fact-checked by Saulo Pereira Guimarães and Amanda Pinheiro
Digital editing by Bia Ribeiro
Original soundtrack by Victor Rodrigues Dias
Visual identity by Linoca Souza
Narration directed by Flora Thomson-DeVaux and Renan Sukevicius
Script consulting by Paula Scarpin and Flora Thomson-DeVaux
Reported, scripted and hosted by Tiago Rogero

From Rádio Novelo:
President: Branca Vianna
Creative Director: Paula Scarpin
Research Director: Flora Thomson-DeVeaux
Head of Production: Marcelle Darrieux
Director of Strategy and Innovation: Kellen Moraes
Executive Director: Guilherme Alpendre

From Spotify:
Executive production by Javier Piñol and Camila Justo
Production by Rodrigo Vizeu
Production supervision by Beatriz Roque
Manager of operations: Annie Chocron
Communications by Rodrigo Varanda
Marketing by Caju Monteiro
Legal assistance by Whitney Potter and Samantha Moore
Editorial promotion by Thiago Pinto

Finalist in the Third Coast International Audio Festival‘s 2021 competition, in Best Documentary: Non-English Language